11: Intro to Acting [Final Blocking]

  • Homework crits. 
    • Video: Tex Avery, Team Fortress 2
    • History: You've got to give your character history in order to convince the audience that it's real.  What are the events that shaped the characters life.  What are the nuances specific to the character that make that character always read as that character. 
    • Interior monologue: What is the character thinking? See this animation tips and tricks post:  What is "Interior monologue."
    • Golden Triangle: Good character design is essencial to readability in the face.  We'll look at the principle known as "The Golden Triangle" as a way of achieving such design.  Well also look at the game Team Fortress 2 as an example of using overall character design through shapes and silhouette to easily clue in the viewer to who the character is.
    • Cartoon Timing: Cartoon animation is all about exaggeration.  All the fundamentals are the same, however, we push those principles through exaggeration and contrast.  We'll look at a bouncing ball again with more "cartoon" timing.  We'll also break down some classic Tex Avery for insight.
    • Expression: Great visual notes here.


      • Start blocking the final; 11 Second Club competition.  Deliver quicktime movie and thumbnails as a .jpg

      • Bring work files to class!