12: Experimentation [Final Extremes and Breakdowns]

  • Homework crits.
  • Reverse Node:  This handy utility will reverse 0 to 1 and 1 to 0.  This is really great for weighting things like constraints so that when something is constained between 2 objects you can easily favor and contol the weight to one side or another.  For example when you weight the first object in the constraint to .8 the second will automatically recieve a weight of .2 with the total weight equaling 1.  The weights between 2 constrained objects should total 1 or 100%.
  • Maya Tip:  [settings]  Make sure to work in centimeters.  Even though there are options to change to other units Maya generally like working in centimeters and will be kinder to work with if you do.


  • Revise and continue adding extremes and breakdowns for the final project. Deliver quicktime movie