3: Composition and Staging

Do You Know Great Composition When You See It?

Class Review: 
Student’s Film Seq Previs, shotlist, and schedule.

Video presentation:
Animated Short Film to be studied.
Students will pull 6 frames from the short film and detail how the shot was composed and why.

A look at real world production previs

Cinematography of "The Incredibles":

Camera Techinques: 
Angle, View, Focal Length, Silhouettes, Readability.  See MediaKnowAll as well as The Grammar of Television and Film for further info. 

The rule of thirds and more

  1. Every shot must have a purpose other then to look "cool"

  2. Every image is about telling the story

  3. communicate your ideas through your shots

  4. don't be flat! add depth and get dynamic

  5. Understanding the effects of camera lens distortion on characters.


  • Continue work on 3D PREVIS. Explore lensing, and cinematography throughout preproduction. There should be something in place for EVERY shot.

  • Complete the 6 shot Composition assignment you began in class, save as a PDF.

  • Students will break into 3 member teams and study a short film. Teams will present a shot by shot breakdown of the short film (This project is due in two weeks).

  • Design Frames and Color Keys for class short film.