9: Cinamatography

Do You Know Great Composition When You See It?

  • Homework Review

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  • Cinematography of "The Incredibles":


  • Camera Techinques: 

Angle, View, Focal Length, Silhouettes, Readability.  See MediaKnowAll as well as The Grammar of Television and Film for further info. 

  • Composition:

The rule of thirds and more

  1. Every shot must have a purpose other then to look "cool"

  2. Every image is about telling the story

  3. communicate your ideas through your shots

  4. don't be flat! add depth and get dynamic

  5. Understanding the effects of camera lens distortion on characters.


  • Animate an action with A successful camera cut. Focus on strong composition and lead the eye from one shot to the next. 150-200 frames. Deliver as a Quicktime Movie