9: Modeling Pipeline

Class Review of MINI THESIS Projects

Students will critique each other’s project input, and contributions.

Individual review of 3D models WIP

Hardware Texture options: In the attribute editor for each shader there is a tab for Hardware Texturing where you can dial in what channel and resolution you want the viewport to display textures. Once set you can overdrive the resolution channel in the extras tab for each file texture at your own risk.

Commandline Rendering and .bat files: Generall in command line (cmd) your can begin a render by running the command Render <filepath> and pressing enter. You can make a list of these commands and save them in an executable .bat file to render multiple files in sequence. See more here.


    • Start planning out your character rigs. How you will rig? (Custom? Rigging Script?)

    • Continue work on Preproduction Requirements

    • Update Production Schedules to reflect current progress.

    • Finish Main Character Model (Main Object of Thesis)

    • Continue animation on class short. Begin Lighting.