Although I did not get to animate on this one I was fortunate to be able to lead a really talented team of artist on this 6 minute monster which we completed in about 6 weeks! We had a really fun mo-cap session over at Perspective on my old stomping ground Long Island. We had the game models hooked up in realtime as we shot the scenes. We even got to watch the action from the POV of the performers in realtime. After getting back the data our artists worked furiously to beautify it and ship it out.


2009 Psyop:


Production Company: Psyop
Creative Director: Damon Ciarelli
Executive Producer: Justin Booth-Clibborn
Producer: Boo Wong
AP: Kay Chen
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Matte Painting: Marco Iozzi, Pete Hamilton, Anh Vu
Lead Flame: Nick Tanner
Lead Technical Director: Jordan Blit
Previz: Jordan Blit, Ian Brauner, Josh Frankel, Cody Chen, Jeff Chavez, Tom Cushwa, Soo Hee Han,
Model/Texture: Tony Jung, Szymon Weglarski, Lee Wolland
Character Technical Director: Lee Wolland
Animation: Ian Brauner, Angelo Collazo, Jeff Kim, Consuelo Macri, Kevin Phelps, Royce Wesley
Facial Animation: Ian Brauner
VFX: Todd Akita, Dan Bornstein, Jonah Friedman, Andreas, Gebhardt, Fusion CI studio
Lighting Technical Directors: Jeff Chavez, Cody Chen, Szymon Weglarski
Composite: Molly Schwartz, Sohee Sohn
Asst Flame: Jules Ford, Jeen Lee, Aska Otake

Client: 2k games
Creative Director: Jordan Thomas
Animation Director: Jeff Weir
Publishing Producer: Seth Olshfski
Development Producer: Marc Scattergood

Motion Capture Studio: Perspective Studios