Rigging a ball with Cartoon Funtionality

In this four part video we discuss the process of making a squishy squashy bouncing ball rig. The topics cover adding deformers such as lattices and clusters with custom controls, attributes, and hierarchy. We go through using measuring tools to control deformation and break down the process of normalizing values to make our rigs scale properly. We also look at how to use the connection editor to make direct links between attributes from node to node. The techniques involved can be used for many rigging solutions beyond a simple bouncing ball.

Part 1: Basic Controls

at about 3:50 the pre-made curve control objects that are used were created with Javier Solsona and Lluis Llobera's wire controller script (rigging101.com/free/melscripts/rig101wireControllers.zip)


Part 2: Advnaced Controls

Part 3: Connections

At 1:05 off camera distanceDimention1.distance is connected to multiplyDivide1.input2

Part 4: Final Tweaks

Update 4.3.2010 -

Polygod pointed out that when the placement_ctrl is moved from the origin the roll_ctrl's pivot remains at its original position despite the curve object following along. This can make it rather difficult to use if your placing the rig far from the origin. The workaround for this is pretty strait forward:

1. Using the relationship editor, disassociate the ffd1Set from the roll_ctrl.

2. Parent the ball_ctrl_grp (the group above the roll_ctrl) to the placement_ctrl.

The roll_ctrl will act a bit more predictable. The only issue with this is that the roll_ctrl will not visually deform with the squash controls. Both ways will work, it just depends which way you like better.

Happy Bouncing!

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