Happiness factory and Time Magazine

So Happiness factory made #7 on time magazine's top 10 TV ads of 2007. Congrats to the whole crew who worked on it (40+). It was a really great experience and a fun ad no doubt.

Quoted from the time website:

"With an actual plot (a Coke machine out of Coke), cute characters and gorgeous 3-D animation, this ambitious soda spot feels more like a Pixar short film than a commercial. And it should, since this sequel to an earlier version of "Happiness Factory" is meant to be watched with popcorn in hand. We hold movie-theater ads to higher standards, but this one deserves to play alongside anything Hollywood has to offer."

Jeep in 3d World Magazine

I hear that the Jeep spots I lead animation on a short while back are featured in the latest issue 93 of 3d World. Now I haven't seen it yet but it seems I was also quoted in the article so be sure to check it out.

Update: Finally saw the blurb and as I expected (as I never spoke with them) it was something I never said. I'm not sure if it was completely fabricated or BNS gave them a quote I wrote and completely re-interpreted it. It was still fun to see though, so again, go check it out.

While your at it you can check them out in stash 31 dvd magazine.