1: Course Requirements

Review of Syllabus:

  • People Introductions
  • Course Requirements/ Instructor goals, discuss class goals and format.

Pipeline Discussion: 

  • Asset management, file structure 

  • Scene referencing: rigs and props referenced into animation scenes for stable workflow.

  • Caching - no rigs in scene! (too be discussed at a later date) 

Discuss goals for this section and review student progress:

  • Students will revise, improve and re-edit their Animatics if required.

The Pitch



    • Perform any revision work on 2D ANIMATIC, including adding shot numbers and SFX. Make sure each shot is well composed, and furthers the Narrative. Students must be prepared to defend shot choices and clarity of the narrative flow.

    • If 2D Animatic is ‘final’, begin 3D Previs.

    • Create a google spreadsheet shotlist.

    • Create a video presentation of designs (may be appeneded to end of animatic).

    • Create a current reel for position placement on class short.

    • Start blocking out shots with consistent scale, use free rigs and props to start. Turbosquid and Creative Crash are great resources for free stuff.

    • Prepare a pitch for class short.