I/O Anm Pipeline:

I/O Anm Pipeline is a collection of import export tools to ease the process of getting data from animation to the other departments in a small animation studio who may not have the resources to develop and maintain their own proprietary software and interfaces.


Tools Currently Included:

Alembic Animation Data Import/Export:

io_alembicUI is and interface for exporting and moving alembic cached animation and camera data from animation to lighting/fx non-destructively.

io_cameraUI brings a clean interface for cameras only based on io_alembicUI.

io_gpuUI brings easy maya gpu cache import export via the standard I/O anm pipeline interface.

ATOM Animation Data Import/Export:

io_atomUI takes the system built for alembic import/export and translates it for transferring animation via Maya's ATOM format.


Consistent Playblasts for Edit/Review:

io_playblast brings extensive options for one click consistent playblast output for use in editing, animatics, previs, dailies, etc. Minimize back and forth between departments by setting standard output settings that work for your shop and easily and quickly get results ready for review.



What's Coming Next:

io_sceneAnalyzer will visually list assets for current shots, display their latest version output from animation, and current version implemented in lighting/fx scene files. Updating assets will be easier then ever and if needed—background export of assets that need update will be one click away.


I/O Anm Pipeline is fairly new and needs to put to test. Contact for questions about pricing and setup. For the time being introductory pricing will be made available to new users who will help shape the package moving forward.