75 seconds in 2 weeks for this 2016 E3 trailer in which I worked along-side a fantastic animation crew. I had a nice chunk including the Wyldstyle bike chase and Mr T sequences.

The new Lego Dimensions is the stuff that fan fiction writers drool over - Wyldstyle meets E.T., the Ghostbusters meet Harry Potter, Batman meets Superm…err, Sloth from The Goonies!!! It’s not every day you get the opportunity to create a narrative that combines your favorite childhood toy and some of the most beloved characters of all time, so when this came down the pipe we jumped at the chance to animate these icons. Thanks to our friends at ModOp, we got to geek out with this amazing cast of heroes. Enjoy!
— http://brandnewschool.com/projects/dimensions


Creative Director
Chris Dooley

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Head of Production
Julie Shevach

Animation Director/Art Director/CG Lead
Russ Wootton

Chad Carbone

Production Coordinators
Justin Scutieri, Dorian Carli-Jones

Technical Director
Dan Bradham

Assistant Editor
Tyler Byrnes

3D Rigger
Edward Hassan

3D Animators
Hee Jin Kim, Paul Wei, Bill Burg, Tyler Heckman, Nick Johnnides, Jordan Blit, Jon Burke, Jeff Bryson, Brandi DiMino

3D Modeler
Casey Reuter

3D Generalists
Eric Schnell, Phil Massimino

3D Lighters
Irene Kim-Ahiska, Joseph Ibrahim, Claire Chang, Will Atkin, Kevin Lu, Sarah Bocket

Nuke Compositing
Phil Massimino, Paulo Dias, Chris West, Kristjan Zaklynsky, Fred Kim, Richard Kim, Jeff Dragon, John Patterson

Visual FX
Justin Maynard, Marcelo Cermak, Spyridon Serbos, Matthew Johnson, Bryant Reif

Flame/Compositing Supervisor
Mark French

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