I was fortunate enough to lead a small team of really talented artists at Buck NY on this somewhat abstract tale of a young girl and her choices. We broke it out in under six weeks with no more than six or seven people on at a time.

Our friends at Cactus brought us this fun project, which recasts a familiar fairytale, to tell a refreshingly ambiguous story about the importance of nurturing your choices in an uncertain and sometimes hostile world.
— Buck

2007 Buck:


Client:Colorado State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership

Agency: Cactus
Creative Director: Norm Shearer
Art Director: Jeff Strahl
Copywriter: Brian Watson
Agency Producer: Danielle Bryan

Musical Aritst: Cocorosie
Song: Sunshine

Production Company: Buck, New York, Buck, Los Angeles
Production Company CD: Orion Tait
Production Company AD: Ben Langsfeld
Production Coordinator: Claudia Ancalmo
Technical Director: Jordan Blit
3d Artists: Rie Ito, John Kalaigian, Aditi Kapoor, Stacie Plassche
2d Artist: Sohee Sohn
Producer: Kate Treacy