In 2009, we were asked by our friends at McKinney to explore a world made of color, literally. The Sherwin colors themselves are the cast of their own story of infinite possibility, taking us places that spark our sense of curiosity, exploration, and expression. The campaigns success has brought a level of charm and nostalgia to the brand through quiet storytelling, a respite from the cacophony or modern advertising. After over a dozen iterations of the campaign, We continue to collaborate with our friends at McKinney to tell stories that capture the essence of “home.” Your walls are the quintessential blank canvas for your next adventure.
— Buck

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2018 Buck:

Directed By: Buck

Executive Creative Director
Orion Tait

Executive Producer
Anne Skopas

Creative Director
Ben Langsfeld
Jon Gorman

CG Supervisor
Bill Dorais

Senior Producer
Kevin Hall

Production Coordinator
Jenny Morris

Art Director
Yeojin Shin

Chris Mauch
Tucker Klein

Concept Art
Artur Sadlos
Jon Gorman
Joshua Harvey
Dae-Han Yi

Arvid Volz
Casey Reuter
David Soto
Filipe Machado
Meng-Chwen Joy Tien

Anton Tokar
Bill Dorais
Josh Delaney
John Karian

Xiong Lin
Zeth Willie

3D Animation
John Karian
Jordan Blit

Chris Ribar

Bill Dorais
Chris Ribar
Meng-Chwen Joy Tien
Ylli Orana

Bill Dorais
Chris Ribar
Meng-Chwen Joy Tien
Rachel Rardin Harwood
Ylli Orana

Jose Fuentes

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