The stop motion look is all the rage these days. This time it's full CG. I spent a bit over a month putting together this beast from scratch with the good folks over at Aardman Nathan Love

King James cools down a sweaty Christmas dinner at grandma’s house with ice cold cans of Sprite Cranberry while D.R.A.M. remixes an old classic.
— Aardman Nathan Love

Executive Producer
Jon O’Hara

Liz Hurd

Joe Burrascano

Art Director, Design & Storyboards
Tim Probert

Additional Design
Ellen Su, Sigmund Lambrento, Farhana Hossain

Clay Sculptor
Jim McKenzie

CG Supervisor
Steve Mann

Project Lead
Eric Cunha

Character Artists
Pedro Conti, Eric Cunha, Ylli Orana

Environment & Prop Artists
Leon Studio: Marta Pombo, Javier Jaen Clavain, Esau Perez Guerrero, Javier Leon, Manuel Martin

Environment & Prop coordinator
Maria Garcia

Eric Cunha, Ylli Orana, Luke Pikora

Lead Animator
Jordan Blit

Hee Jin Kim, Henning Koczy, Doug Litos, Tom Shek, Rob Somers, Nicole Morciniec

Steve Mann, Brett Taggart

Spyro Serbos, Frank Naranjo

Lead Compositor
Eric Concepcion

Additional Compositing
Matt DeFranco

Yi Ju Tsai

Spiritual Guru
Kokong Delo

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