This reel represents over a year's work with a small but super talented crew over at LookFX in NY for Paramount and Darren Aronofsky's Noah. Over the course of the project approximately 3800 birds were keyframe animated in Autodesk Maya by 3 artists including myself—5 at the peak of production. Cycles and Loops were also prepared for an in house created flocking simulation in SideFX Houdini.

Although not every bird in this reel was animated by me, I was heavily involved in each shot. With that I served as the communication bridge between rigging and animation, as well as data output for the grooming, fx, and lighting TDs. My own set of simple custom scripts were created to make workflow and pipeline more efficient. Along with these smaller tools I designed and oversaw development of some of the larger interfaces created by our technical department.

Happily Noah opened at number 1 the weekend of March 28 2014!

From Variety: Box Office: ‘Noah’ Makes Good With $44 Mil Stateside


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